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      The Right of Return Congress
  • International Response to the Bush Declaration on the Palestinian Right to Return

Update: In a short period of time, this International Response to the declaration made by President George W. Bush on vital issues regarding the Palestinian people has received massive support from organizations, intellectuals, and grassroots leaders worldwide.  As indicated below, the Palestinian Right to Return movement in its entirety and organizations representing Palestinian refugees and those in exile stand firm and unified in their demand to exercise the inalienable right to return.


We thank you for your support thus far -- But we are asking you to take yet another step in advocating for this fundamental right for the Palestinian people, by actively spreading this International Response and by asking your respective organizations and friends to join. 


We ask that each one of us attempt to reach out to 5 more, and to get the endorsement of our respective organizations and institutions.  It is time that the Right of Return for the Palestinian people is normalized within the international community!


This is a vital time, and we need your active support!


On May 15, 2004, this response will be sent to all members of the United Nations General Assembly and other relevant parties.  We intend to show an international consensus, as we keep on building a movement for justice.


Please join in this important campaign!  We encourage institutional, organizational, and individual endorsements. 


We ask that you post this response and pass it along as widely as possible.  For endorsement, please write to:



International Response
In response to the most recent declaration given by President of the United States, George W. Bush, to Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, on April 14, 2004, at the White House, we, the undersigned affirm the full individual and collective inalienable Right to Return of the Palestinian Arab People to their homes, property and land of origin.  We assert in no uncertain terms that such a fundamental right is inviolable as it is based on the unbreakable natural belonging of a people to their property and place of origin, as enshrined in international law.  Accordingly, we hold that the Palestinian Right to Return is an indispensable obligatory prerequisite for the achievement of any justice and peace.

We consider any attempt to weaken, lessen, or alter such a right in any form through any proclamations or agreements between any parties to be counter to the human, political, civil, and national collective right of the Palestinian Arab People. Hence, such an attempt, along with its implications and ramifications, are null and void in total, regardless of the passage of time and the entities entering into such agreements or issuing such proclamations.

On November 2, 1917, Great Britain issued the Balfour Declaration that promised Palestine to a European settler colonial movement, amounting to the inevitable dispossession and exile of the Palestinian people. Today, at a time when another Deir Yassin massacre is carried out in Fallujah in an attempt to cement the US occupation of Iraq, the Bush Administration is simultaneously attempting to complete the Balfour project of 1917 by nullifying the Palestinian Right to Return, and by giving an international cover to the creation of a truncated and walled collection of Bantustans that would normalize and legitimize the process of ethnic cleansing.

Recognizing this existential and imminent danger, we stand against this new Balfour Declaration, and reaffirm our unwavering position that the Palestinian Right to Return is an inextricable anchor and prerequisite to full Palestinian self-determination, freedom, and liberty.

(This public declaration will be submitted to all members of the UN General Assembly and other relevant parties on May 15, 2004. For endorsement, please write to:

Signatories (in formation, please join):


1.                    Abnaa Al-Ballad Movement, Palestine 48

2.                    A'idun Group – Lebanon

3.                    Al-Awda: Palestine Right to Return Coalition, United Kingdom

4.                    Al-Awda: Palestine Right to Return Coalition, USA

5.                    Alrowwad Cultural and Theatre Training Center, Aida Refugee Camp, Bethlehem, Palestine

6.                    BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency & Refugee Rights, Bethlehem, Palestine

7.                    Center for Development, Documentation and Information Palestine

8.                    Children and Youth Center, Shatila Camp, Lebanon

9.                    'Diwans' of Palestinian refugees in the camps of: (1) al-Baq'a, (2) Wehdat, (3) Hussein, (4) Amman, (5) Hittin, (6) al-Awda, (7) Zarqa, (8) Madaba, (9) Souf, (10) Gaza/'Jarash,' (11) al-Hussn, (12) Irbid, Jordan

10.                 General Union of Palestinian Women – Lebanon

11.                 High Committee for the Defense of the Palestinian Right of Return and its branches in Palestinian refugee camps and communities in Jordan

12.                 Houleh Club Association, Borj Al Shamali Camp, Lebanon

13.                 Nabila Brier Social Foundation, Ain El Helwi Camp, Lebanon

14.                 Palestine Right of Return Congress, Europe

15.                 Palestine Right of Return Congress, Jordan

16.                 Palestine Right of Return Congress, Lebanon

17.                 Palestine Right of Return Congress, North America

18.                 Palestine Right of Return Congress, Palestine – Gaza Strip Section

19.                 Palestine Right of Return Congress, Palestine – West Bank Section

20.                 Palestine Right of Return Congress, Syria

21.                 Social Care Association, Ain El Helwi Camp, Lebanon

22.                 Social Communication Center (Ajyal), Beirut, Lebanon

23.                 Societies and Diwans of (1) Bir es-Sabe', (2) Lydda, (3) Ramle, (4) Salama, (5) Jaffa; (6) Latroun villages of Emwas, (7) Yalo, (8) Bayt Nuba, Jordan

24.                 The Abu Jihad AL Wazir Institution, Rashidiya Camp, Lebanon

25.                 The Committee for the Defense of Palestinian Refugees Rights, Palestine

26.                 The Forum of Palestinian NGO's Working on Refugee Camps of Lebanon (18 NGO's)

27.                 The Palestinian Human Rights Organization- PHRO, Lebanon

28.                 Women's Humanitarian Organization, Borj Al Barajnh, Lebanon




29.                 20th of March Movement for Change, Egypt

30.                 Adala – Canadian Arab Justice Committee, Canada

31.                 Alawda Magazine, USA

32.                 Al-Bireh Palestine Society, USA

33.                 Alexandria Association for Human Rights Advocates, Egypt

34.                 Alliance for Free Palestine, San Diego State University, USA

35.                 Al-Shorouq Newspaper- Canada

36.                 American Muslims for Jerusalem, USA

37.                 American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Greater Houston Chapter, USA

38.                 American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Greater Sacramento Area Chapter, USA

39.                 American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Los Angeles/Orange County Chapter, USA

40.                 American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, USA

41.                 Anti Globalization Egyptian Group (AGEG), Egypt

42.                 Arab Commission for Human Rights, France

43.                 Arab Muslim American Federation, USA

44.                 Arab National Congress (Al-Mu’tamar Al-Qawmi Al-Arabi)

45.                 Arab Student Union (UCSD), University of California, San Diego, USA

46.                 Arab-American Press Guild, USA

47.                 Association of Palestinian Australian Graduates, Sydney, Australia

48.                 Bahrain Center for Human Rights, Bahrain

49.                 Birzeit Society, USA

50.                 Canada Palestine Association, Canada

51.                 Canadian Muslim Forum (CMF), Montreal

52.                 Coalition for Justice, Stanford, USA

53.                 Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, Egypt

54.                 El Nadim for Victims of Violence, Egypt

55.                 Free Palestine Alliance, USA

56.                 Habitat International Coalition, Cairo, Egypt

57.                 Housing and Land Rights Network, Cairo, Egypt

58.                 Islamic Society of Stanford University, USA

59.                 Kana’an Review, Palestine/USA

60.                 Middle East Cultural and Information Center (MECIC), USA

61.                 Middle East Students Association (USC), University of Southern California, USA

62.                 Muslim Student Awareness Network, Stanford, USA

63.                 Muslim Students Association (CSULB), California State University, Long Beach, USA

64.                 Muslim Students Association (CSUS), California State University, Sacramento, USA

65.                 Muslim Students Association (UCD), University of California, Davis, USA

66.                 National Council of Arab Americans (NCA), USA

67.                 Niagara Palestinian Association

68.                 Organization of Arab American Students, Stanford, USA

69.                 Palestine Aid Society, USA

70.                 Palestine Community Center-Vancouver, Canada

71.                 Palestine House Educational and Cultural Center - the 1948 Uprooted Palestinians in Canada

72.                 Palestine Solidarity Group, Chicago, USA

73.                 Palestine Solidarity Group, Vancouver, Canada

74.                 Palestinian American Congress, USA

75.                 Palestinian American Women's Association of Southern California, USA

76.                 Pan Arab Union For Peace,  NYC, NY, USA

77.                 Society of Arab Students (UCI), University of California, Irvine, USA

78.                 Students for Justice in Palestine - College of San Mateo, California

79.                 Students for Justice in Palestine (CSUS), California State University, Sacramento, USA

80.                 Students for Justice in Palestine (UCB), University of California, Berkeley, USA

81.                 Students for Justice in Palestine (UCD), University of California, Davis, USA

82.                 Students for Justice in Palestine (UCLA), University of California, Los Angeles, USA

83.                 Students for Justice in Palestine (USC), University of Southern California, USA

84.                 Students for Palestinian Rights, SFPR, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

85.                 The Egyptian Association against Torture, Egypt

86.                 The National Institution of Social Care and Vocational Training, Lebanon

87.                 Union of Palestinian American Women, USA

88.                 United Arab Society at UCLA, University of California, Los Angeles, USA




89.                 A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition

90.                 Alternative Perspective Media (APM-RAM), Montreal

91.                 American Educational Trust, USA

92.                 Americans for A Just Peace in the Middle East, USA

93.                 Americans for Justice in Palestine-Israel, USA

94.                 Arab Cause Solidarity Committe (CSCA), Spain

95.                 Artists Against the Occupation, International

96.                 ASKAPENA  (Basque Solidarity with the People)

97.                 Association for One Democratic State for Palestine/Israel - Colorado Section, USA

98.                 Bay Area United Against War, USA

99.                 Bend-Condega Friendship Project

100.              Boston Coalition for Palestinian Rights, USA

101.              Café Intifada, Los Angeles, CA, USA

102.              Campaign for Social Justice, California, USA

103.              Citizens for Fair Legislation, USA 

104.              Collision Course Media Productions, San Francisco, USA

105.              Colorado Palestine Solidarity Campaign, USA

106.              Committee Against the U$ Empire (the CAU$E)

107.              Committee to Defend Palestinian Human Rights, Worcester, MA, USA

108.              Declare Peace Project, United Kingdom

109.              Defenders of Peace

110.              Educational Alliance for Peace - Marin County, California, USA

111.              Fellowship of Reconciliation, Louisville Chapter, Kentucky, USA

112.              Freedom Socialist Party, Australia

113.              Friends of Al-Aqsa, Cape Town, South Africa

114.              GoodHarvest

115.              Granada Center for Human Rights, Chicago, USA

116.              Hammerhard MediaWorks, Chicago, IL, USA

117.              Houston Coalition for Justice Not War

118.              Incorruptible Media

119.              Independent Anglo-Catholic Church of American, USA

120.              International Action Center, USA

121.              International League of Peoples' Struggle

122.              International Socialist Organization, USA

123.              Iraq-U.S.A. Committee, Florence, Italy

124.              Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Belfast Branch

125.              Irish Human Rights Coalition (IHRC), USA

126.              Islamic Political Party of America, USA

127.              Jewish  PeopleLiberation  Organization, Canada

128.              Jewish Friends of Palestine Project

129.              Jews Against Zionism, London, UK

130.              Kentucky Interfaith Taskforce on Latin America and the Caribbean, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

131.              Kentucky Taskforce on Latin America and the Caribbean, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

132.              Knights of the Socially Conscious, USA

133.              LAGAI -- Queer Insurrection, USA

134.              Latinos Por La Paz

135.              Louisville Committee for Peace in the Middle East, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

136.              Marina Drummer- Community Futures Collective, USA

137.              Mexico Solidarity Network, USA

138.              Middle East Children’s Alliance, USA

139.              Muslim Youth Movement of South Africa

140.              National Lawyers Guild, USA

141.              National Lawyers Guild--Loyola Law School Chapter, Los Angeles, USA

142.              New Jersey Solidarity - Activists for the Liberation of Palestine, New Jersey, USA

143.              New York City Labor Against the War (NYCLAW), USA

144.              New York Committee to Defend Palestine, USA

145.              New Zealand Peace Council

146.              Niagara Coalition for Peace

147.              Niagara region Human Rights Youth Council

148.              Nicaragua Network, USA

149.              Palestine en Marche, France

150.              Palestine Solidarity Committee - South Africa

151.              Palestine Support Committee, Durban, South Africa

152.              Palestinian Academic Unionist Team

153.              Partnership for Civil Justice, Washington, DC, USA

154.              Poets for Peace, Hamilton, Ontario – Canada

155.              Progressive Workers Organizing Committee, Houston-Galveston, Texas, USA

156.              Pueblo Insurgente, Republica Bolivariana de Venazuela

157.              Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism (QUIT!), USA

158.              Sacramento Area Peace Action, CA, USA

159.              SNUR-CGIL Trade Union University of Florence, Italy

160.              SOAS PALESTINE SOCIETY

161.              Students for Social Justice, Chicago, IL, USA

162.              SUSTAIN-St. Louis Chapter, USA

163.              SWOP (South Western Ontario Poets), Canada

164.              The Action Center For Justice, North Carolina, USA

165.              The Freeway Twenty, USA

166.              The Independent Anglo-Catholic Church of America, USA

167.              The National Coalition to Free the Angola Three, USA

168.              The New England Committee to Defend Palestine, USA

169.              The Peace Foundation, Aotearoa, New Zealand

170.              The West Covina Neighbors for Peace and Justice, USA

171.              Third World Forum (UCD), University of California, Davis, USA

172.              Tri-Taylor Neighbors for Peace, Chicago, IL, USA

173.              U.S. Citizens Against War, Florence, Italy

174.              Women In Black- San Francisco, USA





175.              A. Anwar Sacca - Businessman – Amman, Jordan

176.              A. E. Dangor, London, United Kingdom

177.              Abdallah Mansour, Psychiatrist, Cairo, Egypt

178.              Abdelfattah Abu-Srour, PhD, Director of Alrowwad Theatre, Palestine

179.              Adel Samara, Ph.D., Kanaan Review, Palestine

180.              Adib S. Kawar

181.              Afaf Shasha, Ankara

182.              Ahdaf Soueif

183.              Ahmed ElAhwany, Ph.D., Cairo University*, The Egyptian Society of Chem. Engineers, the 20th of March Movement for Democracy, Egypt

184.              Ahmed Moheyl-Din, Associate Prof. Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, Egypt

185.              Aidan Baddar

186.              Albert R. Sonntag, J.D., Ph.D., Attorney, Los Angeles, California, USA

187.              Aleksandra Martinovic, Varazdin, Republic of Croatia

188.              Ambassador Hasan Abunimah, Former Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Jordan at the UN*

189.              Amina Alnaqqash, Egyptian journalist, Egypt

190.              Amina Rachid, Cairo University*, Egypt

191.              Amira Howeidy, Journalist, Cairo, Egypt

192.              Amitadyuti Kumar, Teacher (Human Rights Activist), India

193.              Anahid Kassabian, Associate Professor. Fordham University

194.              Anthony John Naro, Boston, MA, USA

195.              Ashraf Elbayoumi, Ph.D., Cairo, Egypt

196.              Azzam Saad, USA

197.              Bahija Réghaï, Canada

198.              Ban Al-Wardi, Esq., President, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Los Angeles/Orange County, USA

199.              Barbra-Renee Brighenti

200.              Basel Bahhour, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Los Angeles/Orange County Chapter, Free Palestine Alliance, USA

201.              Basem Ra'ad, Professor, Al-Quds University, Jerusalem, Palestine

202.              Basem Shahin, Chier editor – Dubai, UAE

203.              Bashar Al-Madani, Chicago, IL

204.              Basma Abd El Aziz, Doctor - El Nadeem Center

205.              Beth Irikura, Honolulu, HI, USA

206.              Bilal Baddar

207.              Bill Norton, WWII Veterans for Peace, Los Angeles, CA, USA

208.              Blanca Corea-London, Los Angeles, CA, USA

209.              Brenda Mulcahy, Delray Beach, Fl, USA

210.              Brian Becker, National Steering Committee, International A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, New York, USA

211.              Brian Fry, Justice Coordinator, Congregation of St. Joseph*, Cleveland, USA

212.              Carl Messineo, Esq., Partnership for Civil Justice, National Steering Committee, International A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, Washington, D.C., USA

213.              Carl Zaisser

214.              Carlene Clements, Groton, MA, USA

215.              Carol Pridgeon

216.              Charlotte Kates, New Jersey Solidarity, Rutgers University, Newark, NJ, USA

217.              Cheryl Gallagher

218.              Chuck Kaufman, National Co-Coordinator, Nicaragua Network, USA

219.              Daniel Gaido, Ph.D., Haifa, Israel/Palestine

220.              Danièle Ouanès, translator and poet, Montreal, Canada

221.              Darlene Wallach, Justice for Palestinians, San Jose, CA, USA

222.              David Dixon, The Action Center for Justice, USA

223.              David Michael Smith, Ph.D., Professor of Government, College of the Mainland*, Texas, USA

224.              David Bayer, Davis, USA

225.              Dennis Rittenhouse

226.              Dick Reilly, Hammerhard MediaWorks, Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism, USA

227.              Dina Said, Palestinian Refugee – landowner in West Jerusalem, Palestine

228.              Dolly Hishmeh, Board Member, Palestinian American Congress, Southern California, USA

229.              Donna M. Joss, Professor Emeritus, Worcester State College, USA

230.              Dr. Erk Erginer, Winston Slem, NC, USA

231.              Dr. William M Speirs, General Secretary, Scottish Trades Union Congress

232.              Ed Gibney, US Virgin Islands

233.              Edith Cacciatore, Member of Marin Peace & Justice Coalition, Marin County, CA, USA

234.              Edward Tawil

235.              Edwin Krales, HIV/AIDS Nutritionist and Health Educator, NYC, USA

236.              Eid B Mustafa, MD, FACS, Wichita Falls, TX, USA

237.              Elaine Hagopian, Ph.D., Professor Emerita of Sociology, Simmons College*, Organizer of the April 2000 Right of Return Conference

238.              Elias Rashmawi, Right of Return Congress, National Council of Arab Americans, Free Palestine Alliance, A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, USA

239.              Elizabeth Mayfield, principal, Axiom Media, Ames, Iowa, USA

240.              Elizabeth T. Walker

241.              Elizabeth Wright, San Francisco, CA, USA

242.              Ellie Norton, USA

243.              Eugene Craig, Steward, Service Employees International Union*, USA

244.              Eyad Kishawi, Divestment Resources Center, USA

245.              Fahmy Howeidy, Columnist, Al-Ahram, Cairo, Egypt

246.              Faith Zeadey, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology, Worcester State College*, Worcester, MA, USA

247.              Farhan Najeeb, Businessman, Bahrain

248.              Fr. Jim Hoffman OFM, OFM Sacred Heart Province JPIC, IL, USA

249.              Frank Rosten, Scotts Valley, California, USA

250.              G.A.Kouchakji, Switzerland

251.              Gail Harper

252.              Ghassan Jaffan, USA

253.              Greta Berlin, International Solidarity Movement Volunteer, Los Angeles, CA, USA

254.              Guillermo Giacosa, periodista, Perú.

255.              Hadj Maaradji

256.              Haim Bresheeth , Ph.D., Chair of Cultural Studies, School of Cultural and Innovation Studies, University of East London*, UK

257.              Hanna Abulghar, Cairo, Egypt

258.              Hardo Bewer,  Birtle, Manitoba, Canada

259.              Harlan Light

260.              Hasan Hajjaj

261.              Haydee Cuza, USA

262.              Haytham Manna, MD and Ph.D, France

263.              Hazem Nashif, PhD. CA, USA

264.              Heidi Paris

265.              Hend Abu Farie, Sec., Palestinian American Congress, Southern California, USA

266.              Henry N. Lowi

267.              Hisham Biltagi, Board Member, Palestinian American Congress, Southern California, USA

268.              Hisham Shehadih,Vice Pres., Palestinian American Congress, Southern California, USA

269.              Holman J. Garavito, individual, Ontario, Canada

270.              Hon. Samy Sharaf, Former Minister of Presidential Affairs, Egypt

271.              Husam Abusneineh, Free Palestine Alliance, USA

272.              Hussein Agrama, Ph.D. Candidate, Anthropology, Johns Hopkins University*, Washington D.C, USA

273.              Ian D. Thompson, Esq., National Lawyers Guild - LA, Executive Board, USA

263.              Ida Audeh, Boulder, CO, USA

274.              Imad Khadduri, Ph.D., former Iraqi nuclear scientist

275.              Isma’il Kamal, Muslim Students’ Association - National, Washington, D.C.

276.              Ismail Zayid, MD, President, Canada Palestine Association, Canada

277.              J. B. Neilands, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, University of California*, Berkeley, USA

278.              J. Glenn & Barbara Evans, Seattle, USA

279.              Jaber Suleiman, Co-founder of Ai'doun, Lebanon

280.              Jack Tobin, Ed.D., Boston, MA, USA

281.              Jacob Levich, writer and editor, New York City, USA

282.              Jailan Halawi, journalist, Cairo, Egypt

283.              James Lafferty, Executive Director, National Lawyers Guild, Los Angeles, USA

284.              Jamil Fayez, M.D., Professor, Washington, D.C

285.              Jawad Jessour

286.              Jean G. Braun

287.              Jean M. Temple, MBA, NYC, NY

288.              Jean Pauline, Oakland, California

289.              Jenise Treuting, Individual, American living in Japan

290.              Jennifer Winkler, Palestine activist, USA

291.              Jess Ghannam, Ph.D., Professor, University of California, San Francisco*, Right of Return Congress, Al-Awda Coalition

292.              Jing Zhao, Ph. D, US-Japan-China Comparative Policy Research Institute, USA

293.              Joanne Abu Qartoumy, Spokesperson/PR, Union of Palestinian American Women

294.              Joe Dibsy, Board Member, Palestinian American Congress, Southern California, USA

295.              John Batarseh, President, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Greater Sacramento Area Chapter, USA

296.              John F. Robertson, Ph.D., Professor of History, Central Michigan University, USA

297.              John Gilligan - Ancient Order of Hibernians - New York State Board - District 3 Director

298.              John J. Pilch, Ph.D., Georgetown University*, Washington, DC, USA

299.              Joyce Hart, Individual, USA

300.              Julia Sutton, Tustin, CA

301.              Justine McCabe, Ph.D., International Committee, Green Party of the US

302.              K Amer, Professor, Rowan University

303.              Kamal Khalaf Altawil, M.D., Past president of the Arab American University Graduates (AAUG), Past president of the National Arab American Medical Association (NAAMA), Pennsylvania

304.              Karen Spence, Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition, San Diego, California, USA

305.              Karim Durzi, Economist (ret.) Toronto, Ontario, Canada

306.              Karma Nabulsi, Ph.D., Professor Nuffield College*, Oxford University, United Kingdom

307.              Katherine Hughes-Fraitekh, Arab Jewish Peace Alliance, Albuq. NM, USA

308.              Kathleen Grant

309.              Kay Kelly, a retiree, member of a local Palestinian Rights Committee in Albany, NY, USA

310.              Kelly Harrison, Ph.D., Austin, Texas, USA

311.              Khaled Barakat, Al-Shorouq Newspaper, Canada

312.              Khalil Ishabib, Middle East Tax Manager, Halliburton Company, Dubai, UAE

313.              Laila Faisal, Activist, Jordan

314.              Lamis Andoni, journalist, Lecturer, Graduate School of Journalism, University of California, Berkeley*, USA

315.              Lara Kiswani, Students for Justice in Palestine, Third World Forum, University of California, Davis*

316.              Lateef Mohd Khan, Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee, India

317.              Laura Whitehorn, a Jewish supporter of Palestinian Human Rights, New York City, USA

318.              Lauren M. Anzaldo, Pensacola, FL

319.              Lee Van Ham

320.              Linda Harrour

321.              Lisa Rofel, Professor, University of California, Santa Cruz, USA

322.              Lois A. Turner, Writer, MA Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

323.              Lori Lagorio

324.              Mabel Sarco, independent "altermundializacion" activist, Lima, Peru

325.              Madeline Breslin, Concerned Senior Citizen, USA

326.              Madiha Doss, Professor, Cairo University, Egypt

327.              Magda Adly

328.              Mahdi N. Madani, Manager, Business Development, Madani Net

329.              Mahmud Ahmed, Free Palestine Alliance, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

330.              Mamdouh Aldimassi, Free Palestine Alliance, California, USA

331.              MaMoon Sukkar, USA

332.              Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, Esq., Partnership for Civil Justice, National Steering Committee, International A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, Washington, D.C, USA

333.              Marco Montanarini, Ph.D., Switzerland

334.              Margaret Grater, Grater and Associates Educational Consultants

335.              Margaret Quinn, Supporter of Palestinian Rights, Ireland 

336.              María T. Vargas - English Official translator, Malaga, Spain

337.              Marie Claire

338.              Marie-Christine Mouranche, Montréal, Canada

339.              Marilyn Robinson, Denver, Colorado, USA

340.              Marion Woolfson, (journalist/author) Edinburgh, Scotland

341.              Mariya Adams, Teacher, USA

342.              Marlene Newesri

343.              Martha London, USA

344.              Marwan Arikat

345.              Mary Ann Azevedo, ADC Houston

346.              Mary Nazzal-Batayneh, Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, Al-Awda New York

347.              Mary Tuma, Charlotte, NC, USA

348.              Masad Arbid, MD, President, Arab-American Press Guild; Kanaan Review

349.              May Seikaly, Ann Arbor, Michigan

350.              Mazen Almoukdad

351.              Mazen Jaffan, USA

352.              Mazin Khalid Sadiq, Aliso Viejo, CA, USA

353.              Mazin Qumsiyeh, Ph.D., Professor, Yale University*, Co-Founder of Palestine Right to Return Coalition, Connecticut

354.              Meg Withers

355.              Mehnaz Miraj Gibson, Christiansburg, VA, USA

356.              Melissa Baddar

357.              Merrill Cole, Ph.D., Louisville, KY, USA

358.              Michael Azar Hilton Hotels Sacramento CA USA

359.              Michael Gillespie, Vice Chair (2004), Ames Interfaith Council, Ames, Iowa, USA

360.              Michael J. Garcia, Graphic Designer, Poet, Activist, Writer and Artist, Huntington Beach, California - USA

361.              Michael Letwin, Esq., Co-Convener, New York City Labor Against the War; Continuations Committee, U.S. Labor Against the War*, Steering Committee, United for Peace and Justice*; Former President, UAW Local 2325/Assn. of Legal Aid Attorneys*

362.              Michael Novick, Anti-Racist Action Los Angeles, CA, USA

363.              Michael Shahin, National Lawyers Guild-Loyola Law School Chapter (Los Angeles), Free Palestine Alliance, USA

364.              Michel Shehadeh, Free Palestine Alliance, Committee for Justice, USA

365.              Miguel Diaz Cumsille, Presidente, Federacion Palestina de Chile, Chile

366.              Miles H. Letts, USA

367.              Miriam M. Reik, PhD, USA

368.              Mohamed El Beih, Los Angeles, USA

369.              Mohamed El Sayed Said, Deputy Director, Center for Political and Strategic Studies, Al Ahram Newspaper, Cairo, Egypt

370.              Mohameden Ould-Mey, Ph.D., Indiana State University*, USA

371.              Mohamed-Nabil Sabry, Professor, Mechanical Engng Dept., Mansoura University, Egypt

372.              Mohammed Dalbah, Journalist, Washington, D.C, USA

373.              Mona Baker, Ph.D., University of Manchester*, UK

374.              Mounir Megahed, Democratic Egyptian Engineers, Egypt

375.              Mounzer Sleiman, Strategic analyst and writer

376.              Moutaz Herzallah, National Board Member, Palestinian American Congress, Southern California, USA

377.              Muhammad Hallaj, Washington, DC

378.              Mujid Kazimi

379.              Muna Coobti, Esq., International Action Center, Free Palestine Alliance, California, USA

380.              Munir Akash, Editor, Jusoor (Bridges), The Arab American Journal of Cultural Exchange

381.              Muntu Matsimela, JD, Reparations Mobilization Coalition*, Global African Congress*,  New York City, USA

382.              Musa Al-Hindi, Palestine Right of Return Congress, Al-Awda Coalition, Nebraska, USA

383.              Mustapha Kamel AL-Sayyid, Political Science Professor, Cairo University

384.              Mysoon Shaath, Executive Member, The General Union of Palestinian Women

385.              Nada Elia, PhD

386.              Nada Sefian, Women In Black Montreal, Canada

387.              Nader Abuljebein, Writer, Palestine Right of Return Congress, Free Palestine Alliance, USA

388.              Nahla Assali, President of Project Loving Care\Jerusalem

389.              Najah Aishah, Washington State, USA

390.              Najeh Shahin

391.              Nancy Ann D. Siracusa

392.              Nancy Dahouh, B.A., Political Science International Relations and Law and Society, University of California, Santa Barbara*, USA

393.              Nancy Dollard, Valparaiso, IN, USA

394.              Naseer Aruri, Ph.D., President, Trans Arab Research Institute, USA

395.              Nasser Barghouti, PhD., Human Rights Activist

396.              Nawla Darwiche

397.              Nicolas A. Sayegh, Chomedey, Laval QC

398.              Nisha Mohammed

399.              Nizar Sakhnini, Palestinian writer and activist, Canada

400.              Noel Willis, Sydney, Australia

401.              Noel Winkler, New Jersey Solidarity, Al-Awda NY, USA

402.              Nureddin Sabir, Editor, Redress Information & Analysis, London, England

403.              Omar A. Sebakhy, President, Alexandria Association of Human Rights Advocates, Egypt

404.              Omar Barghouti, Philosophy Ph.D. Student, Activist & Dance Choreographer

405.              Omayma Abdel-Latif, United Kingdom

406.              Osman Aboul-Nasr, Ph. D., Simpsonville SC, USA

407.              P. J. Laska, Ph.D. , Beckley, WV

408.              Patricia S. Carey, Citizen, USA

409.              Patrick McNally, Ph.D., Waseda University, Japan

410.              Paul J. Balles, Ph.D., Retired university professor, Bahrain

411.              Penny LaDeur, Floyd, VA, USA

412.              Peter Eglin, Professor of Sociology, Wilfrid Laurier University*, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

413.              Peter Klosterman, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, San Francisco*, USA

414.              Peter Phillips, Director, Project Censored, Sonoma State University*, California, USA

415.              Peter, Loveland, OHIO, USA

416.              Philip Gasper, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Department of Philosophy & Religion, Notre Dame de Namur University*, Belmont, CA, USA

417.              Polly Sylvia, New York Committee to Defend Palestine

418.              Prof. Haim Bresheeth, Chair of Cultural Studies, School of Cultural and Innovation Studies
University of East London, UK

419.              Prof. Nicholas Camerota, Springfield, Massachusetts, USA

420.              Professor Hernán López-Garay, University of Los Andes, Venezuela

421.              Professor Suleman Dangor, Ph.D., School of Religion and Culture, University of Kwazulu-Natal*, Durban

422.              Qasem Juseh , Ph.D., Economic Department, An-Najah, University, Nablus, Palestine

423.              R. Heather Jaffan, USA

424.              Raef Al Ghouri, USA

425.              Raghida Assaf, M.D., Member in S.S.O.G

426.              Rahman Khan, Chairman, Muslim Voters of America

427.              Ramiz Rafeedie, ADC-SF, Free Palestine Alliance, USA

428.              Rana Kahl, USA

429.              Randa Farah, Ph.D., Professor of Anthropology, Canada

430.              Rev H.P.Barkham MA UK

431.              Rev. B.J. Doucet - Individual - USA

432.              Rev. Hugh Sanborn, Ph.D., Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

433.              Rev. Mary Pat Foster, USA

434.              Reverend Mother Marcy J. Gordon, Public Intellectuals for Social and Spare Change, USA

435.              Richard Becker, Western Region Coordinator, International Action Center, San Francisco, California, USA

436.              Richard Brinton, Salinas, CA, USA

437.              Rima Anabtawi, founding member of Al-Awda, member of the Right of Return Congress.

438.              Robert Kirkconnell, Veterans for Peace, Academics for Justice, Palestine Media Watch, USA

439.              Robert Stone, Jewish American, HIghland Park, IL USA

440.              Robert Stumm, Hampton, Virginia, USA

441.              Robert Trivers, Ph.D., Professor of Anthropology and Biological Sciences, Rutgers University*, New Brunswick, NJ, USA

442.              Robin L. Oye,  a Christian supporter of the Rights of Palestinians,  Hancock, Michigan, USA

443.              Roger Lagassé, Halfmoon Bay, BC, Canada

444.              Rosalinda Amash, Los Angeles, CA, USA

264.              Saadia Montasser, Professor, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt

445.              Safa Shanneb, UC Berkeley Student, Human Rights Activist, USA

446.              Said Abu Qartoumy, President, Palestinian American Congress, Southern California, USA

447.              Said Osman, USA

448.              Salem Elhuyazel, Sec., Palestinian American Congress, Southern California, USA

449.              Salem Mashour, USA

450.              Sally Clark

451.              Salman Abu Sitta, Ph.D., General Coordinator, Palestine Right of Return Congress

452.              Samantha Liapes, Jews for a Free Palestine, USA

453.              Sami Odeh, Radio and TV journalist

454.              Samia A. Halaby, USA

455.              Samia Husam Rafeedie-Student-University of Southern California, USA

456.              Samia Saleh, Al-Awda, Washington, DC, USA

457.              Sandy Brown, Executive Assistant, USA

458.              Sehmina Chopra

459.              Senan Khairie, Al-Awda, ADC-SF, Free Palestine Alliance

460.              Shadi Koudsi, USA

461.              Shafiq El-Amin, Chief of Education, United Washitaw Nation

462.              Shannon Audrey Dow, Socio-Environmental Health Researcher, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

463.              Shimon Tzabar

464.              Shouki Kassis, Ph.D., Board member, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Greater Philadelphia Chapter, Pennsylvania

465.              Shu Bartholomew, USA

466.              Sonallah Ibrahim, writer, Egypt

467.              Sonja Brentjes

468.              Stewart Stout, Reno Anti-War Coalition*, Sparks, NV, USA

469.              Sungur Savran, writer and activist, Turkey

470.              Susan Taylor, Christchurch, New Zealand

471.              Tarik F. Kazaleh, Oakland, USA

472.              Tawfiq Khoury

473.              Ted Johnson, USA

474.              Terri Lloyd, Los Angles, California, USA

475.              Tikva Honig-Parnass, Ph.D., Between The Lines, Jerusalem, Palestine

476.              Tom Adams, U S Army Veteran, USA

477.              Tom Brown, Oakland, California

478.              Tom Hayes, Columbus, Ohio

479.              Tom Sager

480.              Violette Daguerre Ph.D. ISIS, President of Arab Commission of Human Rights, France

481.              Vivian Bingham, USA

482.              Wadad Abed, Michigan, USA

483.              Waleed Bader, Arab Muslim American Federation, USA

484.              Wardeh Abdelmuti,Vice Pres., Union of Palestinian American Women

485.              Xavienne M. Gutierrez, USA

486.              Yacoub E. Yacoub, MD, Chair of ADC-KY Chapter

487.              Younis Aljazarah, Right of Return Congress, Chicago, USA

488.              Yousef A. Haq ,Ph.D., Economic Department, An-Najah University, Nablus, Palestine

489.              Yousef A. Haq, Ph.D., Economic Department, An-Najah University, Nablus, Palestine

490.              Yousef Abudayyeh, Co-Chair Middle East Cultural and Information Center, San Diego, California

491.              Zahi Damuni, Ph.D., Palestine Right of Return Congress Co-Founder, Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition, San Diego, California

492.              Zeina Zaatari, Ph.D., University of California, Davis*, USA

493.              Zuhair Sabbagh, Ph.D., Birzeit University, Palestine



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