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  • The Israeli Destruction of Palestine Society

    The brutal and destructive campaign of Israeli Occupation Forces in Gaza in the past two weeks is yet another step in the steady and slow process of eliminating the Palestinians from Palestine. Whatever name given to it, it does not hide the fact these actions constitute war crimes as specified by the Sixth Principle of Nuremberg Charter and article 8, para (viii) of Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court of 1998.

    People are not statistics. For every death or injury, there is a family, school, business or office which is affected. All these will grieve, will suffer and will react. But statistics tell us that since September 28, 2000, 3747 Palestinians were killed, of whom 819 were children, 250 women, 146 died at or because of check points, 524 assassinated and 216 bystanders in an assassination site.

    It is not surprising that refugee camps were the central target of these atrocities, because the refugees were and still are the victims of the biggest, planned and continually executed ethnic cleansing operation in modern history.

    Europe has an unshakable duty to take action, because of historical, geographical and strategic reasons. Europe cannot be satisfied with monetary aid and sympathetic language. Europe, for its own interests, cannot remain on the watch line while Sharon, supported by the U.S., spreads havoc in the region.

    The actions which the European Union and various bodies of EU, including the European Parliament, can do is the following:

    1. Condemn in no uncertain terms Israeli violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention.
    2. Boycott Israeli goods and terminate commercial and scientific cooperation, including the EU-Israel Association Agreement.
    3. Implement EU Guidelines on Human Rights Defenders.
    4. Reject Israeli request for WEOG membership.
    5. Uphold the rule of international law in the UN and other bodies and implement the July 2004 Advisory Opinion of ICJ.

    If we are to learn anything from the horrors of WWII in Europe, it is that we should not repeat them. What is happening today is that the Palestinians in Palestine are made to pay for these horrors twice, once in 1948 and again today. The resulting instability will not bring peace to anyone in our world.

    We appeal to you to act immediately to save the Palestinians, not only in accordance with international law but also in the interest of EU which no doubt desires peace and justice in our region.


    Dr. Salman Abu Sitta
    General Coordinator
    Right of Return Congress



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