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 ICG Report Feb2004   

 Mr. Gareth Evans

President and CEO

International Crisis Group (ICG)



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Sub: Your Report: Palestinian Refugees and the Politics of Peacemaking, 5 February 2004   


We, the Palestinian refugees signing below, noted that in your above report you advocate our settlement anywhere in the world except our homes. 

An organization of your stature should know that this recommendation is in violation of international law.  This recommendation condones ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, which is Israelís policy since 1948, and is a war crime.  It also violates the sanctity of private ownership by legalizing Israelís robbery of Palestinian property. 

We reject this recommendation and ask you to adhere to international law and UN resolutions, particularly Resolution 194, affirming our Right of Return to our homes.  This is the only way to a just peace. 







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